Hoofprint Cheese Company

Located in Millbrook, New York

A small-scale artisanal goat dairy and creamery with a focus on producing fresh and aged goat cheeses and raw goats milk.  With their herd of Nubian and Alpine Dairy Goats, owners Kate and Brendon focus on creating products that showcase their ideology of “Happy Goats. Delicious Cheese. Wonderful Life.”  Locust Hill Market will feature their full lineup of cheeses including chevre, chevre spreads, feta and marinated feta as well as aged cheeses and other specialty products that they create.  In addition to the cheeses, their fresh raw goats milk can be picked up in our market.  It's rich, creamy taste will have everyone drinking goats milk! 

JSK Cattle Company LLC

Located in Millbrook, New York

A local family owned and operated farm that raises Black Angus Cattle.   Raised on pasture, their beef has great taste and flavor and is the perfect addition to our market! At Locust Hill Market, you will be able to purchase a full variety of cuts that you will be sure to love.  Their all natural beef will be the perfect addition to your dinner.  

Soukup Farms

Located in Dover Plains, New York

Soukup Farms is a third generation family farm, producing and selling pure New York Maple Syrup. Started as a hobby in the early 1950's the operation expanded to 800 taps in the 1990's and today has more than 2,000 taps in two sugarbushes. With their brand new sugarhouse that was built in 2015, Soukup Farms produces our favorite maple syrup and maple syrup products and we are very excited to have them in our market.