About Us


After raising beef cattle for years, Tom and Amanda Skuza saw the need for locally raised products for the local Millbrook and Hudson Valley communities. They began planting and in the summer of 2015, Locust Hill Market was born!  Throughout the summer months, Locust Hill Market is stocked with many varieties of fruits and vegetables grown in their Millbrook garden for your family to enjoy!

Locust Hill Market is truly a family affair, with Tom and Amanda passing on their passion for farming to their two sons Henry and Elias.  Henry and Elias both love growing up on the farm; spending time in the garden, taste testing the vegetables, and helping care for their herd of beef cattle!

Our herd consists of 25 mature cows, who calve yearly.  The cows have access to pasture and high quality grass hay all year round and the steers are finished with a all forage diet grown on our farm.  To read more about our grass fed beef and its nutritional values, check out our Beef page. The British White breed is know for its meat's excellent flavor and tenderness.  Combined with their diet and management, Locust Hill is able to produce delicious beef for your family!

Our Herd

Besides being your source for local vegetables and fruit, Locust Hill is also home to our herd of British White and cross bred beef cattle.  The British White breed is known for their docile nature and white coloring with black tipped ears and noses.  They are naturally polled, which means they are born hornless, an ideal trait when working with cattle.